As the warm cloak of summer fades, the cold begins to tempt the mind and body with supplements for the sun. One of the most natural forms of heat is body heat. There seems to be an insurgence of skin hunger – the craving for body to body contact. In urban communities, it is often called cuffin’ season. It’s the time when the handcuffs come out, and you get locked up in the house with your partner. This is a figurative statement. You don’t have to go out to Ricki’s and get some cuffs unless you’re into that sort of thing! In general, it is a time when people begin to go out less and stay in more. Sounds fun at first glance, but navigating cuffin’ season can be treacherous for the single person. Dating in general is complicated, but dating during this season is even more troublesome and filled temptations. So if you happen to be single, here are some words of advice:

Put the handcuffs away



Pick Up a Hobby

Do you like to dance? Find a dance class! You want to get a workout? Join a Gym! You want to get creative? Go to an art class! Like sports? Join a team! Think about what it is you like and go for it!


Get Social

Go out and be social. Put down the Facebook and E-harmony and go outside. There is no need for you to go into hibernation! Spend quality time with your friends and family. If you are dating, this is a great way to get to know a new person. If you aren’t dating, it’s a great way to meet a new person. Go to special events, go dancing, or visit a museum. There are a million things to do in NYC. Make the best of your city and say thank you by exploring it!


Don’t get stuck inside

If you have a prospect, dating during this season often starts to take a turn. You’ll begin to hear, “It is cold outside. Why don’t you just come by my place?” You may even begin to hear those words come out of your mouth! Do everything in moderation. Remember staying in the house too much, starts to lead to other temptations and if you are not ready to get muddy, do play with pigs! Don’t forget that there are really fun things to do in the winter outside of your house. If you don’t mind the cold, go ice-skating. It can be a fun and an intimate experience. If you rather be indoors, check out a movie (at the theater), go to dinner, or check out a holiday show.


Avoid taking the shortcut to relationships

If you just met someone, don’t rush into a relationship. Hormones are high, and making a decision when hormones are high is never a good choice. Remember women and men think differently. You may think you’re falling in love, and he may just be falling in lust. You may be excited to get her a holiday gift, and she may just be a gold digger. Don’t get discouraged by the above caution; there are healthy relationships that start in cuffin’ season. Just make sure you think before you act and take your time.


Don’t be afraid to be alone

It is okay if you are not dating during this time. Do not be sad! Take the time to explore YOU! Do things that make you happy. Reflect on what is that you want and need. The law of attraction definitely works. By taking care of you, you will be putting excellent energy in the air that will lead your Right to you. Just be patient and Do You!



So what is the moral of the story?

“Though the winter chill pricks your spine

Remember in relationships to take your time

The warmth of the body may be alluring

But it is the mind and spirit that is enduring.”

Tis the season! Make it a happy, productive one!

Signing off,

Nadine G.