Write your worries in sand. Carve your blessings in stone.” Anonymous

It is interesting phenomenon, playing with sand. Some people love it. Some people hate it. Yet, most of us have found ourselves building a sandcastle at least once in our lives.  It’s alluring because sand does have a very unique quality: the same element that can be used to make it appear stronger, can weaken it. This fact is that the seed of astonishment and devastation are both birthed through building sandcastles.

When you begin your canvas, you know exactly what you are getting into. You must plan your strategy wisely. You cannot be too close to the water or too far away. Location has to be just right; so close so you can quickly grab water to build, but far enough away that the structure does not wash away. At first, it’s a game. It’s fun. Then your castle starts to look like a masterpiece. You want it to last. You put so much work into it, but you know the tide is coming.

The next day, you build again…the cycle repeats….until you almost start to believe that if you build this castle just right, it will last…

But like worries written in sand….it fades





We know we should write worries in sand, but who ever said to build love out of sand? Why do we continuously do that…build sandcastles…







If blessings are to carved into stone, shouldn’t love be etched in stone. Why were we never taught to make stone castles…


Lessons from child’s play…


Relationships built on shifty foundations will eventually be washed away by the tide.

As with anything in life, foundations matter. In relationships, it is imperative that you are clear about your values and expectations. Everyone does not want to be grounded. Some people like playing with sand; they understand, accept, and sometimes even long for temporary fixes. So, if you decide to build a sandcastle know that it is temporary.

There is no amount of strategy that can change nature.

A little bit a water will give you the illusion that the sand is hard and can withstand pressure. However, when the tide comes in, it is evident that sand is not a contender against water. Water will win. That being said, don’t think you are a master craftsman or woman that can change sand. Sand will never be permanent. So, if you find yourself in a temporary relationship, trying to make it permanent, you may need to accept you are dealing with sand and you cannot change it’s nature.

It’s always dangerous to ignore the reality of a situation.

The tide is coming. It always comes. You know this. Do not lie to yourself. The worst thing anyone can do is to convince themselves that a lie is the truth. When the sandcastle is destroyed, or the temporary relationship ends, it’s devastating because you did not face the truth; it was never meant to last.

If you like to play in sand, play. If you don’t, run!

Not every relationship is meant to be forever. Some people may never choose a forever relationship, some may always choose to play with sand, but most of us waver in between these two extremes. That’s okay. It’s about finding your truth. Do you really want to play? Or are you looking to truly build? Those who like to play, should play with one another, and anyone else should run and learn to build stonecastles.


Relationships built on rock will remain solid. 

If you ground your relationship is solid things, like God, you will be amazed how they will withstand elements.  It goes back to understanding your values and expectations and aligning those in the fruits of the spirit -love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. These ideals are proven to increase longevity of relationships because the partnership becomes more important than the individual. Two will always be stronger than one. So when the little tide comes through, the rock will hold.

Use nature to your advantage.

The tide is coming. It always comes. You know this. So, prepare for it. The nerd in me know that eventually water can wear down rock. Yet, I also know it will take an eternity to do so while sand will be washed away in moments. If you are honest about the nature of sand and the nature of rock, you can use nature to your advantage building the castle that will withstand the storm. Let relationships that were meant to be temporary wash away and build relationship you mean to last on solid ground.

It’s wise to assess a situation and utilize the proper material to reach your goal.

So, if I were building a castle I wanted to last, the only choice is to utilize rock. Plain and simple.

You can’t play with stones.

Stones are serious business. If you are working with stones, carving and etching, it is not a game. You are building. If you want to build, find another builder and get to work. It will be fun, but it will be work. It will be love, but it will be work. And in the end, your castle will last and withstand the elements.


So what’s the moral of the story?

“To build a stone castle of love

Fill your bucket with God

So he weaves around each stone

Connecting you as a single unit

Built to withstand the storm.”


Build more stone castles!

Signing off,


Nadine G.