Synergy is defined as the interaction of two or more entities working to produce a combined effect that is greater than the individual parts. Think of a multitude of points coming together to form a circle. Individually, each one is just a simple point, but together they form a strong impenetrable bond.

cosLaunching Let’s Converse in August of 2017, reminded me of the importance of Synergy. I launched at this premiere event for Black women entrepreneurs in NYC called Circle of Sisters. I was blessed to have my whole team present, a true circle of sisters. I also had a few good men working behind the scenes. Together we rocked the event!

Some may view “rocking the event” as making a lot of money. I can attest to the fact that monetarily, I left the event in a deficit. As a new business owner that is stressful, but you have to learn to put things into perspective. So, how did we “rock it?” Truthfully, relational collateral is more important than money. Stuff will never mean more than people, connection, and relationship.

So here’s how we rock it and

how you can rock it too!

Teamwork makes the dream work

Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

I live on the 6th floor and the week of Circle of Sisters the elevator in my building died. Consequently, I had to get all my beautiful merchandise and furniture for the event down 6 flights of stairs. Though I was internally panicking, having a strong team kept me grounded and able to problem solve. With the help of my gym enthusiastic friends, we made it into a cardio and leg day challenge lifting 30 lb boxes and carrying them down the steps.

This glitch highlights the necessity of having a positive team of people on your side. If I had to handle this alone, it would have cost me much more money and/or much more personal energy and exhaustion. Having a team took away some of the anxiety and actually made a hard task kinda fun! The take away is that none of us are superhuman. We all need help. Surround yourself with people who are invested in you and your business. In those times when you face an obstacle, a good team can help you jump hurdles.


Conversation Matters

The desire to reach the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise and most possible.”Maya Angelou

I absolutely loved my conversation cards and all the brave souls who entered my booth and started a conversation with me. I truly understand that it is a lot for a business to ask you to trust in them and their brand. The first thing that may pop into your mind is, “I don’t know you man!” So, I spent the course of the day at Circle of Sisters getting to know people and letting them get to know me. I learned about people’s dreams and aspirations, their definitions of love, and about the things that bring them joy. As a motivational speaker, my goal is to speak to what you need, but the only way I can do that is to ask you what it is you need. So thank you to everyone who shared a bit of themselves with me and allowed me to share a bit of myself with them. That experience alone will help my business be better.

So, do people know you? If you are building a brand or business, you can’t have money as your sole purpose. You need to think about the people you are servicing. Yes, your customer matters. By having conversation with your customer through focus groups, feedback forms, and one-to-one conversations at events, you will find that people will draw closer to you and your product. People need to be connected to you and the purpose of your brand. If you can accomplish that, you are “rocking it!”

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Tap into everyone’s strengths

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach.” Romans 12:6-7

My best friend is a selfie queen, posts online all the time. It took me years to even join Instagram and master the art form of the right angle for a selfie. So, if I was going to post on social media, I could do it myself or I could ask my best friend to help. I am great at being a motivational speaker, consulting, and running workshops. Creating a website….I got someone for that. Marketing….I got someone for that. Photography….I got someone for that. Live social Media at Events…..I got someone for that. Getting Food….I got someone for that. Seriously, even before this business, I would work all day and get so focused on the task that I did not remember to eat. There is definitely someone on my team who makes sure I take care of myself so I don’t faint while working.

Back to the point I made earlier, we are not superhuman. But even if we were, we would be like the Avengers. Each of us with a unique talent and gift that when we come together, we can save the world. So find your Avengers. Purposely add people to the team that are gifted in areas in which your are weak to help create balance in your business.



Expand your network, expand your net worth

Networking is all about connecting with people. But then again, isn’t that what life is about?” Jay Samit

Networking is one of the hardest thing I had to learn to do. This concept of taking to strangers is a hard one to accept, especially when it is ingrained from childhood that this is a fatal flaw. “Do not talk to strangers” becomes “Do not talk to strangers unless you are an adult and can assess how a relationship with this person can enrich both of your lives”….wait what….how does one even do that? By simply talking to strangers. So, “No new friends!” becomes “Yes new friends” and “Talk to strangers.”

While at Circle of Sisters, I met a several beautiful women. I met another author, Ashley Gillett, who wrote “Red Flags Run.” I met Déjà Vu, a radio personality and motivational speaker, who shared about her work with her personal brand HustleHer. I also met Uniqua Smith,  a marketing consultant, who introduced me to the Synergy Global Conference which was coming to NYC. We discussed ways to get Let’ Converse in the building at that event. Based on this connection , 10 members of my team were able to attend the conference which was tailored towards entrepreneurs and featured the best in the industry. I’ll tell you more in Synergy Pt. II. Conversation is golden. Being open to meet new people is golden. So talk to strangers and meet new friends.


Set up for the step up

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.” Carl Rogers

My business will make me a million dollars one day. Moreover, I will not cry or get discouraged if that does not happen today. I will continue to work hard and put my full love into all that I do. So, every up, down, and neutral happening along this journey is all a part of what will make me a better person and will make my business have a greater impact on others in the long run. In this way, I’m okay with both the highs and lows of my business journey.

My advice for you is to experience the grow. If you spend time money and energy into something and you don’t get the return you expected, don’t be discouraged. Look at it as a learning lesson, part of the process, a route a long your journey. Ask yourself, What worked well? What didn’t work well? How can you improve upon your next experience? Then keep walking forward.

So what’s the moral of the story?

“Synergy is circular

An energy infinitely flowing

Making dreams a reality 

 Conversational connections sowing

seeds that empower everyone’s gifts

Expanding value beyond the knowing

a journey towards greatness

Setting the spirit up for growing”

Signing off,

Nadine G.