Entrepreneurs pivot. Human beings fail. Naveen Jain

My team was blessed with the opportunity to attend the Global Synergy Conference hosted at Madison Square Garden. The days were long, so the team attended in shifts taking copious notes to then turn key with one other. Today, I turnkey to my readers the best tidbits that we gathered from the conference. Can’t attend a $2400 conference? No worries, here are some free take aways that can help any budding entrepreneur.

I picked the team’s Top 5 Segments to share with you. These great speakers touched everyone and provided concrete suggestions on how to be better entrepreneur. I suggest you follow them on IG, listen to a pod cast, buy a product, or attend a conference. The biggest lesson that I have learned on this journey is that I must continue to be a sponge and learn from as many people as I can.

Guy Kowaski

American marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist

Guy_Kawasaki_at_Wikimania_2015_-_2This presentation entitled the Art of Disruption primary focused on how to create a quality product. Guy shared 11 tips:

1. Build what you like and convince people to like it
2. Jump to the next curve
3. Make a minimum, viable,valuable, validating, product
4. Make design count
5. Polarize people (think Samsung vs. Iphone)
6. Ignore Naysayers
7. Change your mind (admit mistakes and adapt)
8. Be unique and valuable
9. Let 100 flowers bloom (Pretty much let your business develop as it will)
10. Churn, baby, churn (constantly evolve)
11. Perfect your pitch

Jordan Belfort

American stockbroker, author, and motivational speaker

way-of-the-wolf-9781501164286_hrAlso known as The Wolf of Walstreet, Jordan shared The Straight Line System of Sales that he created. He explained, that a sale is the transference of certainty and that everything you say is helping the prospective client to be certain. The salesperson has 4 seconds to establish three things in the mind of the prospective client.

The prospective client need to perceive salesperson as:

1. Sharp as a Tact
2. Enthusiastic as Hell
3. An expert in the field

The goal is to have the prospective client:

1. Love your product
2. Trust and connect with you
3. Trust and connect with your company

How do you do this?

1. Take control of the conversation
2. Ask questions to access needs, beliefs, pain points, etc
4.. Be empathetic in your tonality and an active listener
5. Be logical
6. Paint as picture of the prospective client using your product and being happy

Gary Vaynerchuck

American entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker and internet personality.

Internet Week HQ on Day 2 of Internet Week 2015 in New York

In his presentation, I Day Trade Attention and Build Business, Gary V. proposed awesome strategies to help make business great again. Here’s what he suggested:

1. Have a “do it” mindset
2. Triple down on your strengths and hire someone to cover your weaknesses
3. Pod casts are next best thing
4. If you can afford it, pay for ads
5. Documentation over creation (in particular for web content)
6. Be an empathetic boss
7. Put all your best advice into the world for free
8. Be grateful
9. Be happy

Panel: Chieh Huang, Leslie Short, Ludovic Huraux, Aubrey Marcus

Founders, Co-Founders and CEOs of Million Dollar Businesses
         Boxed                               K.I.M. Media                         Onnit                                   Shapr

When you have a panel of great minds who started million dollar businesses, you should heed their advice. Obviously, they all did something right! From the mouths of parent entrepreneurs, to the ears of babe entrepreneurs, here are The Nuts and Bolts of Building a Million Dollar Business:

1. More money, more problems
2. Adapt. Be able to sway.
3. Be humble
4. Build movement (not product) so you can pivot
5. Be hungry
6. Met the people who will help you
7. Find your own opportunity. If it’s not there, make it.
8. Do the internal work to make sure you are not your own detriment
9. Celebrate your employees

Simon Sinek

British/American author, motivational speaker and marketing consultant

338px-Simon_sinek.jpgIn the presentation, The Infinite Game, Simon defined infinite versus finite strategies in business. He proclaims that you can’t be a finite player in the infinite game of business. He encourages entrepreneurs to build a businesses, ideas, and products that out live you. Here are some tips on how to be an infinite business:

1. A Just Cause: The business has a solid purpose and foundation build on a just cause, not just the premise of making money
2. Courageous Leadership: A leader who is patient, flexible, and willing to do the right thing
3. Vulnerable Team: Employees who buy into the purpose and give their best to the team.
4. A Worthy Opponent: Competitors in which you have a deep respect for and can encourage you to be better.
5. Open Playbook: A plan that is flexible.

Hope you take these jewels and put them into use!

Signing off,

Nadine G.