The Company





Let’s Converse, LLC was born out of the need for healing in our community. One of the first steps to healing is talking about the problem. Then we must talk about the solution. Hence our mantra “Talk is Valuable.” Finding your voice is powerful and can be life-changing! 

Nadine G. created Let’s Converse, LLC to be a conduit of safe dialogue with the goal of inspiring others to tell their stories and their perspectives, and move towards healing and growth. Meaningful and necessary discussion requires a level of vulnerability and a growth mindset. Communication is the foundation for healthy relationships, be it with self or others. These things may be difficult to embrace, and that’s where Let’s Converse, LLC can help!

Let’s Converse, LLC provides a multitude of services, all promoting the same goal, “conversation.” Conversation is needed in all aspects of life. Whether there is a disconnect in the workforce between management and employees or there is a group of people who want to build a stronger bond, Let’s Converse, LLC can help. We provide services to both individuals and organizations that encourage healthy communication and the building of positive relationships.  By offering speaking engagements, consultation, workshops and training, Let’s Converse, LLC aims to create environments conducive for growth so our clients can be their best selves and strive towards excellence.

We can talk. We must talk. Let’s converse!


The Founder

See! Believe! Do! Become!

Nadine G., motivational speaker, consultant, and author was born in Brooklyn, New York. She received her undergraduate degree at Syracuse University and her Master’s degree from New York University. Nadine G. is of the first generation in her family to attend college and attributes her love of learning and of sharing knowledge to her great-grandmother, daughter of sharecroppers who only received a 4th-grade education.

Ever since she was a child, Nadine G. has loved to write. She definitely was a natural creative, but this gift became her outlet when the things in her life were challenging. Nadine G. remembers suffering in silence and how the power of the pen helped her heal and find her voice. As a teenager she knew her life’s work would be to help others who felt like her, unseen and unheard.

Since 2005, Nadine G. has counseled countless adults and young people as a Licensed Clinical Social Work in NYC. In 2010, she released her first book of poetry, Enterludes, with her goal as a writer being to spark necessary conversations. Since then, she has continued to write and is branching into the world of motivational speaking and healing conferences, creating Let’s Converse, LLC in 2017. She is excited to embark on this journey with you.