Most girls look forward to their Cinderella moment. Hence why there are so many proposals at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Your prince charming takes you to the Brooklyn Bridge to watch the fireworks, and just as the first one explodes, he gets down on one knee. No, he isn’t tying his shoe lace! He takes out that Tiffany blue box and pops the question. “I have loved you for as long as I can remember. Will you marry me?” A magical moment.

This may not be exactly how your story goes, but think about it. From kisses by that secret admirer under the mistletoe, to staring in the eyes of that someone special as you start a New Year together, these are the real life fairy tale moments that take our breaths away. Okay, enough of the sappy. As the New Year rolls in and out in less than a minute of our lives, let’s talk about life long romance that can take your breath away daily.

Make Time for Love




Pay  Attention


Women and men like it the same. Sometimes when we have been in a relationship for a long time, we think we need a date night to rekindle the spark. There’s nothing wrong with date night, but make every moment quality time. The worst is being with someone, but not being there. Make sure you pay attention to the little nuances and make every moment count!

Spontaneously Gift

Beyond SBWS (Single Black Women Syndrome), the next big topic is “Is Chivalry Dead?” If it is, what a more miraculous time than this to raise it out of the grave. There is something really special about the “just because I care” gift. It can be a rose you picked at the park, or a movie because you know your partner needs a laugh, or a hug at that right moment. It goes noted in the memory bank every time someone opens the door, holds your chair, or touches your hand in support. These moments are priceless. (Don’t forget Valentine’s Day, the Birthday, Christmas, and the Anniversary too….I’m just saying!) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Thoughtful Giving

eat-567454_1920.jpgWhenever and whatever the occasion, just be thoughtful. No, that doesn’t mean you can pick up a lollipop because it was the only thing you could find of in the final hour and then say “It’s the thought that counts.” No. It’s actual the “THOUGHT” that counts. Take the time to think about what you are doing, saying, or giving. Now, if it’s our anniversary and the first time we met, I was eating a strawberry blowpop, then I’ll love that lollipop! It’s all about the thought behind the gift.

Be Spontaneous

Processed with VSCOcam with kk2 presetIt’s okay to change up the routine once in a while. It helps to add flavor to your life. The amount of spontaneity needed is contingent on your personality. If you are a little OCD, trying cooking together instead of ordering out. It’s a simple change that can add romance to a relationship. If you are more open to new things, try a trip to the Mayan Ruins (just go before the stroke of midnight 2012). Be open to creating new experiences together. It’s like wearing a glass slipper; you just have to go for it!

Take the relationship seriously

couple-2590797_1920Before we even take the leap to be in a relationship, the issue of commitment comes to mind. Then when we are in the relationship, the truth of commitment is manifested in our everyday lives. You have to be committed. If you don’t work every day on building your relationship, then when you hit a road bump, you’ll see it as Armageddon instead of a simple road bump. Commitment shows on your person, in your character and your attitude. There is nothing more sexy than knowing, “we are in this race together.” That’s breathtaking in and of itself.

This New Year, remember to carry the love pass the mistletoe, pass the stroke of midnight, to your every day and every moment!

“Love like mirrors

A reflection of time and space

A reflection of you.”

Have a happy, prosperous, and blessed New Year!

Signing off,

Nadine G.