It is as a collective that we grow. Let's Converse, LLC is humbled by the out pouring of love and support for our vision. We encourage you to click the pictures to learn about the black owned brands that are striving to impact their communities and that have supported us in doing the same!

Amour Geneve

Coviello Salinès is Purposed for Excellence!  With the discovery and launch of Amour Genève, the world’s first FDA-approved luxury blue wine, he’s revolutionizing the global wine and beverage industry one natural pour at a time. Coviello worked with European Vintners to formulate a natural approach to coloring wine – the process involves constructing a balance of compounds during the wine aging process to allow the natural release of a blue pigmentation. Coviello introduced this process to an organic verdejo harvest and Amour Genève was born.


Dr. Kristian Henderson is Purposed for Excellence! Kristian is a professor of public health, a natural lifestyle enthusiast, and the founder of BLK+GRN, an all-natural marketplace by all Black artisans.  Here, products are curated and sold in categories like skincare, home, and bath and body to meet the needs of wellness seekers who want to buy Black and live green. Please continue to keep Kristian, her family, and friends in your prayers as she continues to heal from a tragic car accident in 2019.

DJ Yung Blu

DJ Yung Blu is Purposed for Excellence! Yung Blu “The Rising Star” is from Brooklyn, N.Y. He has always embraced music. He has always coveted the ability to make people enjoy themselves. Thus, his musical journey as a deejay began in the early 2000’s as a box boy for sound systems, which allowed him to soak up experience on how to play music, and how to make people feel good as soon as he touches a set of turntables.

Felix Sebastian Jewelry

Felix Sebastian is Purposed for Excellence! Always having a passion for design and creativity, Felix always had the desire to learn and develop himself into being what some would call a Renaissance man. Felix is the man that has always been curious about the world and Sebastian is the man that is not too afraid to tackle it! Felix Sebastian Jewelry is a unisex jewelry line that incorporates both fashion and fine architecturally designed pieces manufactured in LA.

Golden Krust

Harrison Blake Apparel

Richard Taylor is Purposed for Excellence! Richard created Harrison Blake Apparel in 2014. His degree in business administration, combined with his work experience in producing garments and clothing for the military, provided him with the background he needed to launch his luxury apparel business.


Maya Johnson is Purposed for Excellence! Maya founded Herpothecary in 2015. A two time cancer survivor, her journey as a survivor, and then becoming a mother, fueled her passion for discovering healthier alternatives for wellness and beauty products. “If you have ever known a cancer survivor you’re familiar with the feelings of tenacity and drive to simply…live. Those same feelings are a part of my story. I doubly understand the power we have as consumers when purchasing quality products we use every day.”

Mac Shack

Childhood friends turned business owner, Kevin James and Clinton Philbert are Purposed for Excellence. When the Mac Shack first opened in 2012, it had a modest 13 varieties, and the restaurant had some difficulty in convincing the local patrons of moving out of their mac and cheese comfort zones. Eventually, after handing out thousands of free four-ounce bite sized samples at numerous neighborhood block parties, the launch of their first mac and cheese eating contest, coverage from News 12 Brooklyn, and a feature on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise, Mac Shack is a Brooklyn staple. Please continue to keep the family and friends in prayer as they heal from the tragic loss of Kevin in 2019 and continue to build his legacy.

PM Fragrances

Chavalia Mwamba is Purposed for Excellence! Chavalia, an avid aficionado of fine fragrances, grew weary in 2005 from seeing all of the unnecessary chemical additives, (from home scents to perfumes), so she decided to create a line of products where guests are taken on a less adulterated, olfactory journey. Chavalia thoroughly enjoys making fragrant melodies for her clients and doesn't rush to completion to ensure optimal satisfaction with her creations.

Scotch Porter

Calvin Quallis, founder of Scotch Porter is Purposed for Excellence! “Transformation is a powerful concept. It's the feeling you get when the barber finishes a fresh cut, removes the cape, brushes you off and hands you the mirror to reveal the cleanest version of you. Like magic, your swagger soars to 100, and you’re ready to take on the world.”


Skin Scholars

The Bright sisters are Purposed for Excellence! Skin Scholars started many generations ago in Southampton County Virginia, in the fields, gardens and forest o​f​ the Bright family’s lands. Using the teachings based down 7x generations, Skin Scholars is a family owned handmade skincare company bringing family recipes to modern times.

The Rules 4 Life

Brandon Slaughter is Purposed for Excellence! A creative at heart, Brandon had an idea to create connections and capture memories through a "coffee table" book affectionately title “Rules4Life." Over time, this idea evolved into a card game, but the vision stayed the same. The Rules4Life game seeks to create amazing connections, foster thought-provoking discussions, and make lasting memories for years to come.


Derrick Wynn and Sam James are Purposed for Excellence!  T-Stone Solutions started with a problem. For years, co-founder Derrick Wynn suffered from server enlarged razer bumps.  He knew there had to be a better way to treat them than expensive visits to the dermatologist. He started to research the history of shaving techniques and what other black men had done through the centuries to keep their skin smooth after shaving. That sparked an idea that he eventually shared with NASA engineer Sam, his long-time friend and brother-in-law. Together, they tried many designs and formulations before arriving at the right version of the T-Stone.