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Let’s Converse, LLC offers keynotes, educational seminars and breakouts for conferences and conventions.
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Need assistance with a conference or healing seminar? Let’s Converse, LLC provides specialized support to make any event life changing!
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Let’s Converse, LLC workshops are designed to help participants improve relationships through effective communication and lead to healing and growth!
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Clients Rave about Let's Converse, LLC!

  • “I attended Nadine G.’s Giftedness Workshop and had a terrific time getting to know the women there. We quickly got to know each other over laughs and conversation. Nadine G. was kind, welcoming and noticeably thoughtful in the coordination of planned activities. Her warmth and genuine attention to the ladies in the room created the safe space that was necessary for such an intimate evening among friends. It was a lovely event, “ ★★★★Mayange Frederick Brooklyn, NY

  • “Nadine G., the facilitator of Painting Power, did an excellent job. She allowed us to create pieces that reflected issues that were pertinent to our current situation. The most healing part of the paint night was the space that was created by the facilitator for everyone to talk about their painting and it’s significance. As an immigrant, my painting reflected power despite the struggles facing immigrants in the current political environment.” ★★★★★Bernadine Anne-Marie Roberts Brooklyn, NY

  • “Nadine G. is a grounded, passionate, and informed leader with a strong focus on educational equity for all of our students AND our school community of teachers, administrators, and parents. Her capacity to both facilitate productive strategies for learning and create safe spaces for personal growth is a huge asset. At NYC Men Teach, we work with people who want to BE The Difference, and Nadine G. is a dope example of someone walking that walk.” ★★★★★Leah King Communications Manager, NYC Men Teach New York, NY

  • “Last December I had the opportunity to travel to Brooklyn in the midst of a snowstorm for some female bonding. I typically do not attend the girly gatherings, but I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the Giftedness workshop Nadine G. held that evening. Not only was the atmosphere welcoming, the activities were fun and enlightening. Overall, I would say the evening was filled with women empowerment, uplift, and joy. I was able to meet new people, access my inner feminine emotions, and leave feeling loved and blessed. Thank you for such an evening. I look forward to the next.” ★★★★Elisha Washington East Orange, New Jersey


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